About Consortium

European Information and Innovation Centre Montenegro (EIICM) is part of Enterprise Europe Network, and it has been present for five years already. Consortia consists of 4 partners:

  1. Directorate for SME Development
  2. Mechanical faculty of the University of Montenegro
  3. Chamber of Economy of Montenegro
  4. Business Start up Centre Bar.

EIICM upgraded its performance as part of the network, and kept using the advantage of being small Consortium in a small country. Even being small Consortium, it easily covers the whole territory of Montenegro.

Exactly, EIICM Consortium has to hear the sound of the business environment in Montenegro, which is now very different from a decade ago and even couple of years ago. Nowadays in a very dynamic business environment, where business conditions change very quickly, the importance of reliable and in time business information is of crucial importance for business success

The Consortium task as well as each organization/institution is to take all its capabilities and expertise, and convert them into knowledge, ultimately, getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, via the right channel

Our basic point is to deliver quality information, and then it is up to the entrepreneurs to decide how to use it. It is obvious that even the same information can make a different impact to different companies. Some will recognise the opportunity, when others will not recognise that opportunity. This is the specific moment, when we need to work directly with companies, hear their problems and requests, and only in direct communication help them further in deep explanation, specialist assistance, tailor made service, doing our best to get the end user the most benefit possible out of the concrete information/service.

Medium sized enterprises are easier to approach, because they have reached certain development level, they know they need to develop further and improve their business.  They are also familiar with most of the development strategies and measures to be implemented by the central or local government that can have impact to their operation. They request concrete information about trade missions, fairs, other markets, financial opportunities. The place for intervention is in the field of EU legislation, EU partnerships and cooperation, becoming competitive and going international.